Why should I use minerals and block supplements?

Minerals and blocks are used to supplement deer’s natural browse. Minerals should be used April – September while deer are growing their antlers and need more vitamins and minerals. Blocks can be used year round and with the high protein content, they really help give the deer something nutritional throughout the winter months when there isn’t as much natural browse.

When should I plant a food plot for my area?

View the recommended Planting Guide.

What grass killer can I use on Heartland food plots?

Fertilome Over the Top II should work for most food plots.

What fertilizer should I use?

We recommend a straight 19-19-19 for the best results. For legumes, use 6-24-24, as legumes don’t need as much nitrogen.

I want to plant a food plot, but there’s not much sunlight. What can I plant?

I want to plant a food plot, but the soil is dry and sandy. What can I plant?

I have a question about food plots, how can I get that answered?

Send us an email or call 888-771-1250.

How do I install a food plot?

View our instructional video for more information.

How do I become a dealer?

Send us an email with your request.

How are products shipped?

Product orders are shipped via UPS ground so no PO Boxes can be accepted as a shipping address.