My history of this deer started in January of 2008 coming in on a food attractant. At that time, he was around a 165″ deer. The summer of 2009 trail camera time. I started getting photos of him in August and thought he was a 190″ class and said WOW! I saw this deer once with my eyes it was a evening hunt October 12th he was bedded in a crp field 120 yards upwind of me. That was the last time I saw him that season. Now summer 2010 trail cameras went out first of August and I got hundreds of night pictures of him on the mineral lick and now I’m really saying WOW, he’s way over 200″s. I couldn’t wait to get hunting him!! October 29th was hunting in the evening. After the hunt, I checked a camera and had two mid day photos of him trailing a doe. Saturday, October 30th, I got into my stand at 1pm hoping he come down the trail again in the day time. Well at 5:15 I saw him a hundred yards away working a rub line my way. Approximately 10 minutes later my quest ended with success! The MONSTER buck gross scored at 238 3/8 and netted 226 2/8.

testimonial-troy-prostaffTroy Johnson – Heartland Pro Staff